[Character Opinions] Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly


Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly
headerHi~ I’ll be ranting about the characters (and their routes/endings) from Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly!

Get it on Steam for PC or Playstation store for PS Vita.

In this game, you got into an accident and enter the in-between world in the form of a mansion. If you’ve watched Death Parade, it’s somewhat similar in the world concept.

When soul enter this in-between world, they’ll lose their memories. If they give up on their attachment, they can go to the afterworld (or heaven). If they get consumed by their memories, they’ll become a monster (or hell, void). If they got their memories but is not consumed, they can go back to the real world.


MC - black butterfly - Copy

First we talk about the MC! Her nickname is Beniyuri while her real name is Minato Ai (changable).

I turn off her voice so I have no idea what she sounds like, but she is voiced by Nakahara Mai.

Her personality? At first it was quite annoying… Actually overall is quite annoying. However, her act is quite understandable (up to some point). I feel like the writers want to make her strong but weak at the same time, which clashes in a really off putting way.

She wants to fight? yes. She can fight? yes. Does she cry, get scared like normal person? yes. Then, what’s the problem?  She is scared but she charge-in alone anyway knowing full well her own capabilities. Shouldn’t her fear actually pull her back and make her think twice? Why she ends up charging alone anyway despite all that?

Aside from that, I don’t think I have any problem with Beniyuri. I understand most of her action, including being trapped in the past and not wanting to move forward.


Hikage - Mastermind - CopyHikage! The first person Beniyuri meets in the mansion when she was being chased by a monster.

At the moment, I already have my suspicion on him. He told Beniyuri that the monsters have bad hearing. He also said that he just woke up and lost all his memories too. See the contradiction? He said he just woke up but he knew that the monster have bad hearing. Yes~ I’m so good at guessing. He turns up to be the mastermind of the whole mansion. The number one evil guy.

He is voiced by Ishikawa Kaito which I think suits him a lot.

He is later reveled to be Usagi’s big brother and created the mansion to bring Usagi back to life. He has been in the in between world since the day it was created by him. He lived there for way more than 10 years. If we think about the kids getting in accident during summer camp 10 years ago, by 10 years ago, the rumors of the bad luck near the lake would have had spread. So he should be in that mansion for a minimum of 10 years.

He only has one ending. One single ending. Due to the fact that he died (by drowning in the lake) for more than 10 years already, his body should have decayed and he couldn’t return to the real world. Meaning he has no happy end planned since the beginning. None. But then look, at the very end of Hikage’s route there is this sibling who looked like Hikage and Usagi. Then the story ends there. Hikage - Ending

THE STORY ENDED THERE!!! Can’t tell for sure if they are Hikage and Usagi or just someone who really looked like them, BUT ISN’T THE COINCIDENCE TOO STRONG???????

The guy at the ending has the exact same two mole under the eye like Hikage. So my theory is that even if the body decayed, it is still possible to bring him back to life.

One sad thing I’m very annoyed is that they did not reveal his real name until the end. (or did I miss it somewhere?)


Kagiha - together reality - Copy

Kagiha, the oldest of the bunch. He kind of know how to take care of us. His real name is Natsuki (no I can’t remember his full name).

He is that nice guy, the kind guy. Like Makoto from Free. I don’t know if there was any hint in the dialogue, but the moment after I met every character (still in the prologue), I have a feeling he ain’t 100% a good guy. Turns out I’m right. He is working under Hikage.

He is the guy Beniyuri promised to marry when they were little. But surprise surprise, Kagiha died 10 years ago. So he went into the mansion the same time as Kazuya (the other boy that went into coma 10 years ago). He then worked under Hikage for the sake of survival.

He also only has one ending (officially), but in my opinion he has two. One is the official where he went all devilish and made a perfect world that doesn’t really exist where Kagiha and Beniyuri got married.

The other in my opinion, is the common ending where he give back the violet ribbon to Beniyuri then he passed on. The bunch that are alive then went to the lake to mourn for him.


btw his VA is Toriumi Kousuke, which is the same with Aijima Cecil from Uta no Prince-sama. I can’t tell you how tired I am with his voice, even though I didn’t play his event much.


Karasuba - books - CopyKarasuba, voiced by Kakihara Tetsuya, is the cherry flirty guy of the group. His real name is Himeno Akira.

His golden eye is soooooo captivating ❤

Out of all the characters, I think he is the strongest. He is the one who wants to move on from the past. However, I don’t feel the chemistry between them. I can feel Karasuba really liking Beniyuri, but I don’t feel like Beniyuri actually really liked Karasuba. The happy real life ending feels kind of forced.

The bad ending however is really really lovely. It’s probably my favorite ending out of all. He reminds me of Toma from Amnesia, and I love it. I just love dark people and beautiful dark endings.

His way may be kind of wrong, but all he was thinking is Beniyuri and he himself. To protect himself, he needs to protect Beniyuri’s happiness whatever the way is and his way is to control me and my life.

Karasuba has my favorite design too! I love the yukata outwear like thing that’s sliding off his shoulders.


Yamato - Im sorry - Copy

Yamato is the sportsy guy from the group. He is also the older from the twin. He is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa. He is my favorite character overall. He has the most satisfying character development and plot in my opinion. His real name is Takuya.

His story felt really wholesome and he has the prettiest art out of them all. I have no rant for him so therefore nothing to say 😄.


Monshiro - not alone - Copy

Monshiro’s real name is Kazuya. He is Takuya’s younger brother that went into coma. He went into the mansion 10 years ago with Kagiha. He started off with Hikage before he went independent. He survived due to his strong will to return Beniyuri’s purple ribbon.

I understand his character as he lived alone for 10 years, but his voice.. Why.. Why must it be Matsuoka Yoshitsugu? If he have voice like Aoi Shota it would have been soooo much better… imo.

My main rant here is his VA. just his VA. Btw I love his design, it’s so pretty ❤


Usagi - the bunny - Copy

Last but not least, Usagi. Hikage’s younger sister. SHE IS SO CUTE AND PRECIOUS! I really want an end where she calls Beniyuri Onee-chan cos it’ll be so freaking precious but then no. No idea what happened to her. Zero idea. HER REAL NAME WASN’T REVEALED EITHER!!

Anyway, as long as she is happy seeing Hikage, I’m happy too—- *cries*


  • My favorite character design would be Karasuba.
  • My favorite character as a person (including personality, development as a character) is Hikage. and second would be Usagi.
  • My favorite ending would be Karasuba‘s mansion ending.
  • My favorite character overall (Design, development, story) is Yamato.

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