[Guide] Seiyuu Danshi – IN PROGRESS

I’ll keep on updating this as I play and find out more and more and more~ I’ve only completed Hikaru and Shuu so far. (and Tocchan bad end). Mainly made for my own sake as I always forget like, everything when playing Stat-raising game. If you know anything please do tell me what I miss. 

Haven’t played all but imo start with Toru, Shiba or Shuu. Save Tocchan for last (TOCCHAN IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXPENSIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so get the $$$ cheat first :v)

btw very long post ahead—-


There’s already a fan-made guide for this here.


Morning VA Classes (Automatic) Tuesday, Thursday Free
Extra VA Class (VA School) Monday – Friday 1,000
Watch Anime online (Home) Everyday, Night Computer (Starting from 15,000)
Morning VA Classes (Automatic) Monday, Wednesday, Friday Free
Extra VA Class (VA School) Monday – Friday 1,000
Read books online (Home) Everyday, Night Computer (Starting from 15,000)
Morning VA Classes (Automatic) Saturday Free
Extra VA Class (VA School) Monday – Friday 1,500
Sing in shower (Home) Everyday, Night Shower or Bathtub (30,000)
Knowledge (??? – Clueless – Decent – Smart – Genius)
Read (Book store) Monday – Saturday Free
Read (Agency) Monday – Saturday 2,500 (1,250 after completing Blue Bear’s Love side quest)
Watch TV Monday – Saturday TV (25,000)
Movies – Documentary (Cinema) Monday – Saturday 2,500 (1,250 after completing Blue Bear’s Love side quest)
Charm (Dull – Unattractive – Normal – Alluring – Casanova)
Bathroom Sink (Home) Everyday, Night Free
Movies – Romantic (Cinema) Monday – Saturday 2,500 (1,250 after completing Blue Bear’s Love side quest)
Affection (Apathetic – Indifferent – Caring – Affectionate – ???)
Donate (Shrine) Monday – Saturday Starting 100 (Higher donation, higher increase in affection)
Movies – Drama (Cinema) Monday – Saturday 2,500 (1,250 after completing Blue Bear’s Love side quest)
Talk with Grandpa (Mansion) ??? Free
Stress Relief (If your stress goes over 50, first time you get a scene with a guy. Next time, your money is reduced by half each time.)
Coach (Stress -30) Agency – Day Free
Coach (Stress -40) TV Station – Day Complete Bribe the Security Guard side quest
Drink Pub – Night 1,000
Movies – Horror Cinema – Day 2,500 (1,250 after completing Blue Bear’s Love side quest)
Pet (Stress complete relief) Home – Night Adopted a pet
Sleep (Stress -10) Home – Night Free; Bed
Masturbate Home – Night Computer (Starting 15,000)
Play games Home – Night Computer (Starting 15,000)


Rent are paid every 15th of the month.

January 00,000 July 30,000
February 10,000 August 40,000
March 10,000 September 40,000
April 20,000 October 50,000
May 20,000 November 50,000
June 30,000 December 50,000

Side Quests

Commercial District

Placebo Effect

  • Requirement: None
  • Talk with Blond glasses guy in suit in Shopping Mall
  • Take the (shady) job
  • Reward: 10,000
  • *Make sure to rest afterwards

Blue Bear’s Love

  • Requirement: Charm – Casanova
  • Talk with blue bear mascot in Shopping Mall
  • Listen to his story
  • Talk with the cashier blue hair girl in Cinema
  • Go back to Shopping Mall and talk with blue bear mascot twice.
  • Reward: Chasity Belt (from blue bear) and 50% off movie tickets (from cinema girl)

Stalking? School boys

  • Requirement: Affection – Caring
  • Talk with red hair girl in the Book store
  • Talk with the two school boys in Shopping Mall
  • Go back and talk with the red hair girl in Book store
  • Reward: Photo (used for another side quest)

Magazine Model

  • Requirement: Charm – Normal
  • Talk with orange hair girl in Book store
  • Reward: 500

Organizing Books

  • Requirement: Knowledge – ???
  • Talk with cashier in Book store
  • Reward: 10,000

Office Complex

Bribing the Security guard

  • Requirement: 50,000
  • Talk with the security guard in TV Station
  • Pay him 50,000
  • Reward: You can get into the building now

Julianne’s Fan

  • Requirement: Completed Bribing the Security Guard
  • Talk with school girl in TV Station
  • Get inside the TV Station building and talk with the girl
  • Go out and talk with the school girl
  • Reward: Love Potion

Idol Group

  • Requirement: Fame – Popular ; Completed Bribing the Security Guard ; Completed Stalking? School boys
  • Talk with white hair guy in front of TV Station
  • Talk with white hair guy in restaurant
  • Talk with red hair tattoo guy in restaurant
  • Talk with the two school boys in Shopping Mall and show the Photo
  • Reward: Rope (for foreplay)

Residential District

Feeding cats and dogs

  • Requirement: 1,200
  • Talk with blond miko in shrine
  • Go to Mart, talk with cashier and buy cat food, then dog food.
  • Feed 6 dogs and 6 cats
    • Shopping Mall: 1 cat
    • TV Station: 2 dogs
    • Park : 1 cat, 2 dogs
    • Mansion: 1 cat, 1 dogs
    • Shrine: 3 cats, 1 dog
  • Go back to shrine and talk to blond miko again
  • Reward: Adopt a pet ; Bonus in relationship or career
  • *Don’t claim your reward if you want a vibrator

Adopt a Pet

  • Requirement: Completed Feeding cats and dogs
  • Buy dog/cat food from mart.
  • Feed the cat/dog you want to adopt everyday until it becomes your pet
  • Name your pet
  • Talk with glasses lady in shrine to get some pet things
  • Reward: The ultimate stress reliever aka cute pet

Get him a cute boyfriend

  • Requirement: Completed Feeding cats and dogs and did not make a wish yet
  • Talk with emo boy in shrine
  • Talk with blond miko and ask her to pray for him
  • Next day, talk with emo boy again
  • Reward: Dick Vibrator (for foreplay)

Super hard puzzle

  • Requirement: Knowledge – Genius
  • Talk with shady guy in park
  • Solve his puzzle
  • Reward: Sex toy shop is now open

Park Teacher

  • Requirement: Charm – Normal
  • Talk with preschool teacher in park
  • Talk with pink hair girl
    • Go to mart and talk with pink hair lady
    • Wait until Saturday and talk with pink hair lady again in mart
  • Talk with blue hair boy
    • Click on white dog with pink ribbon in mansion
    • Answer Valentina the 3rd
    • Go back to the boy in park
  • Talk with the preschool teacher again in park
  • Reward: Apron ; unlock possibility for new part time jobs

Part-time Jobs Schedule

There’s no part time jobs on Thursday or did I miss something?


Tue Wed Thu Fri


Mart (2,500)

Mart (2,500) Mansion (3,000) Mart (2,500) Mart (2,500)

Mansion (3,000)

Mansion (3,000)

Mart (4,800)

Park (5,500) Park (5,500)
Cinema (6,000) Cinema (6,000)
— Night —Bar (5,500)

— Night —Bar (5,500)

How to unlock the part time jobs:


Location: Mart, Cashier Lady

Pay: 2,500

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Unlock: After a message from landlord.

Talk Buddy

Location: Mansion

Pay: 3,000

Days: Monday, Wednesday
Unlock: After message from landlord. ; The answer is PONPON


Location: Cinema

Pay: 6,000

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday
Unlock: Charm – ???


Location: Bar

Pay: 5,500

Days: Monday, Friday, Saturday (Night)
Unlock: Fame – Known ; Charm – ???


Location: Mart, Pink hair lady

Pay: 4,800

Days: Saturday
Unlock: Finish Park Teacher side quest.  ; Knowledge – ???

Pre-school Teacher

Location: Park

Pay: 5,500

Days: Monday, Friday
Unlock: Finish Park Teacher side quest. ; Affection – ???



  • Regio – Elegant (min. 60,800)
    • Top min 7,500
    • Bottom min. 9,800
    • Head min. 9,000
    • Acc min. 34,500
  • Clothes Size: L
  • Ice cream date: Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Christmas gift: Tie


  • Ju(st)yle – Funky (min. 10,880)
    • Top min. 1,150
    • Bottom min. 3,880
    • Head min. 1,100
    • Acc min. 4,750


  • Sporty Look – Sporty (min. 11,910)
    • Top min. 1,500
    • Bottom min. 2,980
    • Head min. 980
    • Acc min. 6,450


  • Beautiful Sanctuary – Preppy (min. 29,200)
    • Top min. 3,100
    • Bottom min. 3,800
    • Head min. 3,800
    • Acc min. 18,500
  • Clothes Size: M
  • Christmas gift: T-shirt


  • Fashionista – Casual (min. 13,100)
    • Top min. 1,350
    • Bottom min. 2,850
    • Head min. 1,950
    • Acc min. 6,950
  • Clothes Size: XL
  • Doctor costume unlocks more cut scene + special CG


Best Ending

Become lover with the guy, make correct choices, win seiyuu award.

Good Ending

Become lover with they guy, make correct choices, don’t win the seiyuu award.

Bad Ending

Become lover then ignore him. Make bad choice. Lose seiyuu award.


Correct Choices

  • Hikaru: When he wants us to stop hanging out for a while, choose “Stay
  • Shuu: When he says he wants to end Ponpon, choose “Let him do what he wants

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