Memories and Expectation, The End of 2018

tl;dr / summary at the end~

2018 is probably the year I spent most on VNs so far in my life. However, I didn’t regret a single cent.

The best game I played this year would be Nightshade. However, my favorite game released in 2018 is probably Prank Masters by Lockvia Studios. There are some parts that can be improved, and some parts that I hate (the screen being 4:3).

Second to Prank Masters is Valentines Otome by Synokondria. The only reason VO comes second is that the setting was more adult while Prank Masters is set in high school and I personally prefer high schools. Then again, I’ve looked forward to VO since the day I finished playing HO back in 2014 (or 2015?).

Other than those two, nothing really memorable comes to my head. Some that I’ll mention would be Psychedelica of Black Butterfly and Seiyuu Danshi (BL) but neither left any impact on me like PM and VO did.

Some 2018 release I haven’t play but look forward to play would be Kokorogawari and belong. Both looks interesting but I’m still caught in older releases like Hakuoki and Hatoful Boyfriend.

Now that I’m done looking back, let’s look forward. First game I expect would be Hashihime (BL). I’ve been looking forward to this game since the day I read the announcement in 2017. Meaning it’ll be 3 years in a few days. I really liked the art, PLUS IT’S HISTORICAL!! A HISTORICAL BL! MEANING LOTSA BOIS IN YUKATA! YUKATA! YOU HEAR ME YUKATAAAAAAAAA- *cough* well yeah, I really hope they release it somewhere in the first half of 2019 😐

Now for actual Otome Game I’m looking forward to in 2019 would be London Detective Mysteria. Yes, it’s released in PS Vita (and yes, I end up not getting PS Vita and use my savings to buy a switch soooooooon) but I’m waiting for the PC version~~  Another would be 7’Scarlet. Hoewever 7’Scarlet is Idea Factory game and considering Amnesia and Black butterfly, I’m not really expecting much from the plot of 7’Scarlet.

Now, the game I’m looking forward to most in 2018 is Reimei no Gakuen by Raikon Kitsune Arts. Personally don’t really like the art style too much, but I LOVE THE MC! She is one of the MC where I wish I could pursue instead of the other guys (bi problems). Another reason why I look forward to this game is my gut feeling that have made me survive test after test, exam after exam.

Our Mountain’s MC

Moving on, I’m also looking forward to Our Mountain. I really love the art and the yukata. In the description of the MC, it says “Despite this, she’s resourceful and tenacious, self-taught in skills to help her survive her lonely lifestyle.” I’m kind of expecting quite a lot from this MC. Sounds like an MC that can fight and is not too dependent on the boys.

Another is Lockvia Studios’ Maid for You. I like both Prank Master and Voiceful (A free online Otoge) so I’m really looking forward to Maid for You to give me a better story, characters and art.

Some other games planned to be released in 2019 that I would like to mention would be The Office Type and Softly, With Teeth. One that’s planned to be released in 2020+ is Royal Alchemist, also looked really awesome and Christmas Otome, the sequel to Halloween Otome and Valentines Otome.


Favorite game in 2018 : Prank Masters; Valentines Otome

Other good game in 2018 : Seiyuu Danshi (BL); Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly

Game I look forward to in 2019 in order from most excited :

  • Hashihime (BL) (No announced schedule)
  • Reimei no Gakuen
  • London Detective Mysteria
  • Maid for You
  • Our Mountain
  • Softly, With Teeth (Otoge, GL)
  • The Office Type (LGBTQ+)
  • 7’Scarlet

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