About Me

Basic Profile

face_20180923_194136Name/Nickname/Alias: Rei, NaYu, Nanaoi Yuzurei

Age: 19 (March 1999)

Blood Type: A

Horoscope: Sun Pisces, Moon Pisces

Occupation: Student

 Personal History

Can’t remember if I’m 4th or 5th generation of Chinese in my family that lives in Indonesia. Born and raised in Indonesia, also proud to be Indonesian. Currently living in Melbourne, Australia for college..

As I’m born and raised in Indonesia, I can speak Indonesian (obviously). Being and Indonesian, I’ll automatically understand Malay. I also learned Chinese from school, additional lessons and my surroundings. I can have daily conversation in Mandarin and understand a bit of Teochew (a Chinese dialect). I went to an National plus school, where basically English is an everyday language in school. From animes and buying Japanese manga (way cheaper than English mangas), I learned broken Japanese.

I’m usually called NaYu online, but in this very case, I prefer to be called Rei. Mainly due to the fact that ‘Rei’ is the name I enter when playing VNs.

I suffer from Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder that I can’t control fully. There were times where it goes as bad as skipping class and meals to stay in bed just to daydream.

My number one weakness is ‘onii-sans’ (but not actual incest). Second weakness would be light purple hair with tan skin (like Hayama Akira from Shokugeki no Souma and Otori Tsubasa from Metal Fight Beyblade). My third weakness would be golden eyes (Kise Ryouta from Kuroko no Basuke and Kano Shuuya from Mekakucity Actors).

History on VN

Counting back, I’ve been playing otoges since 2013. I started being exposed to otaku culture back in 2013, when I am 14 years old. Diabolik Lovers and Free! is what made me start searching for Sim dating games.

  • My first otoge were all from OKKO. Sweet Scandal, Office Lovers & Arabian Nights Love Story.
  • Sweet Scandal‘s Yusuke Misato was the very first route I ever finished.
  • My first actual love with an otoge character is Takamasa Saeki from Voltage’s My Forged Wedding: Party.
  • Random Trivia: Despite being one of my firsts otoge, I’ve never completed a single route in OKKO’s Arabian Night Love Story as I accidentally uninstalled the game twice and my recovery ID and password didn’t work.
  • In 2014, when I got a laptop for entering high school, I went on englishotomegames.net and downloaded every single free otoge available at that time.
  • Halloween Otome, RE:Alistair++ and (P)lanets were my favorite free game at the time.
  • My first otoge merchandise is a key-chain of Oda Nobunaga and Mitsuhide Akeshi from Voltage’s Samurai Love Ballad Party. I made my male classmate line up in Voltage stall in Chara Expo Singapore 2016. (He said people were looking at him like weirdly.)
  • My first yaoi VN is Sleepover in 2015/2016 (2nd Year of High school)
  • The first PC otoge I bought is Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (via Mangagamer)
  • The first otoge I bought in steam is OZMAFIA!!