Something like FAQ.

Who are you?

You can call me Rei! I write this blog for rants and etc.


Why do you post old games? Why not new ones?

There are lots of things I want to say to games I’ve played, but I don’t have many friends who plays otoge. This blog’s main purpose is for me to spill things I’ve kept to myself. I will be posting both old and new games!


Why are your pictures so annoying? 😐 Give me full image with no weird box and triangles! No crops!

There are companies that doesn’t like their CG leaked (especially phone games) is one reason. The other would be, I hate getting CG spoilers when I read review etc., it feels like a turn down for me. So I’m sticking to my own principles~


I have question!

I have answers! or might have answers~ Head to Contact, or if you want to be anonymous you can visit my Curious Cat page!