[Guide] Seiyuu Danshi – IN PROGRESS

I’ll keep on updating this as I play and find out more and more and more~ I’ve only completed Hikaru and Shuu so far. (and Tocchan bad end). Mainly made for my own sake as I always forget like, everything when playing Stat-raising game. If you know anything please do tell me what I miss. 

Haven’t played all but imo start with Toru, Shiba or Shuu. Save Tocchan for last (TOCCHAN IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXPENSIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so get the $$$ cheat first :v)

btw very long post ahead—-

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[Favorite Moments] Hattori Hanzo – Nightshade

Spoilers warning! Also a bit of rant~

Get Nighshade in English on steam for PC or for switch

I’ve had this page in draft for like…. 3 months now? time to finish it! and start playing psychedelica 

Hm,.. Frankly speaking, this is more to a fangirling entry cos OMGOMGOMG HANZO-SAMA IS SO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I do this in most of my post (maybe all) but I refer to MC in first person, ‘me’ and ‘I’.

So let’s try to do this chronologically, which is…

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[Character Opinion] Gekkamaru – Nightshade

Contains Spoiler! Contains Rant! 

wallpaper.jpgIn this game, you play as a female ninja, Ueno Enju (name is changeable). and you have 5 possible love interest, all are/were ninjas.

Hattori Hanzo would be my favorite character in Nightshade. Hanzo > Gekkamaru > Goemon > Chojiro > Kuroyuki.

Route/story wise, the order will go Goemon > Hanzo > Kuroyuki > Gekkamaru > Chojiro.

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